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General Grant Awards

Contract No.: 2021-01

CREATION Life, Adventist Health

The CREATION Life Program expands access to preventative obesity and diabetes health services and supports by providing three 10-week seminars to the community in both English and Spanish.  The seminars are designed to increase knowledge of good nutrition and activity. Participants will receive health screenings and practice monitoring key health indicators.  The CREATION Life Program will also hold two 2-day seminars (English and Spanish) for trusted community leaders with the intention to gain their buy-in resulting in them hosting the 10-week seminars.  Finally, the CREATION Life Program will engage with program alumni for a graduation, focus group to garner feedback for Program improvements. ($25,000)

Contract No.: 2021-02

Youth Behavioral Awareness, Community Youth Ministries

The “Youth Behavioral Awareness Program” will target students in grades 1-8 at twelve KCUSD sites with classes focusing on 4-pillars:

  1. 24 Nutrition classes will involve two guest speakers on healthy eating choices and students will be provided a healthy snack.
  2. 24 Trauma classes will involve two guest speakers on self-care, healthy relationships, and substance abuse.
  3. 24 Parent-Child Relationships classes will involve two guest speakers on healthy parent-child relationships. Parent participation will be encouraged.
  4. 24 College Readiness classes will involve two guest speakers on college readiness and a college campus visit throughout the year. ($25,000)
Contract No.: 2021-03

Diabetes Prevention Program, CA Health Collaborative

The proposed Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) is an evidence-based curriculum created by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  The CA Health Collaborative has implemented this program in Fresno County for over six-years and employs DPP certified trainers.  Using the CDC approved schedule, the DPP is composed of 26 sessions that begin weekly, reduced to bimonthly after 16 classes, and further reduced to once monthly after 20 sessions.  The CA Health Collaborative will replicate this programming in the 5 Zones of the District, with the anticipation of 10 participants in each Zone. The DPP will also include community outreach through the participation in at least 3 community events.  Finally, as an incentive for participation, the DPP will issue “Food Farmacy Rx” that can be used as vouchers at grocery stores. ($25,000)
Contract No.: 2021-04

Diabetes Prevention Program, CA Health Collaborative

The “Get Moving” program will offer ten 8-week classes concentrating on balance, gait, and strengthening.  Nutrition education will also be incorporated with an emphasis on using food as medicine.  Participants will be seniors in independent living accommodations that are typically 85+. ($19,120)

Mini Grant Awards

Contract No.: 2021-05

Teen Moms, Community Youth Ministries

The “Teen Moms Program” will convene a weekly peer support group with twenty (20) KCUSD teen moms to promote personal and parent-child behavioral health. Teens will learn about parenting and child development, strengthen social-emotional competence, increase social connections, and improve access to concrete supports during times of need. The program will also aim to reduce obesity among the teens and their children through demonstrations of healthy food preparations and distribution of meal prep kits for preparation at home during that week. Curriculum will also include Daily Food Choices, Reading Food Labels, Nutrition for Babies and Young Children, and Understanding Food Choices. ($5,000)
Contract No.: 2021-06

Swimming Lessons, City of Reedley

The “Swim Lessons Program” is an expansion of the City’s fee-based swimming program that will offer free swimming lessons for low-income children ages 4-10. The aim is to increase physical activity and reduce obesity while becoming water safe. ($5,000)
Contract No.: 2021-07

Behavioral Health Training, Sequoia Safety Council

The “Behavioral Health Training and Wellness Program” will implement a behavioral health training for the 40 First Responders servicing the District. ($2,500)

Special Initiatives

Contract No.: 2020-08

12th Annual Reedley Fiesta Run, City of Reedley

The City of Reedley hosts an annual run/walk to promote physical activity.  This year, the event was virtual given COVID 19.  It occurred October 10-31, 2020. ($500)

Contract No.: 2020-09

Internal, District Staff

As staff worked with stakeholders to understand the District’s three priority areas (Obesity, Diabetes, and Behavioral Health), an unmet need regarding Behavioral Health philosophies was uncovered.  While there is ample understanding of Obesity and Diabetes, there is an obvious need to bolster the understanding of Behavioral Health awareness and concepts throughout the community.  As a result, the purpose of this item is to seek approval from your Board to allocate $10,000 of Special Initiative funding to provide Behavioral Health capacity building and public awareness during May – Mental Health Awareness Month.  Activities include Mental Health First Aid Training, Trauma Informed Care and Resiliency Training, and a public awareness campaign. ($10,000)

Contract No.: 2021-10

Reedley Beach River Safety, City of Reedley

Reedley Beach is a popular past time activity for locals and out-of-towners.  Though a place for fun and family time, Reedley Beach has also been the location of drownings among children and adults.  The swift water flow, coupled with steep “drop offs”, sometimes make for a dangerous site.  Following the most recent tragedy on August 8, 2020 where a man drowned while attempting to save three (3) children, the City of Reedley convened its Community Services Commission to investigate possible strategies to reduce the likelihood of deaths at the river.  District staff attended that meeting.  This project supports the development and production of user-friendly signage and outreach materials to promote river safety. ($10,000)

Contract No.: 2021-11

Bearskin Meadow Diabetic Camp, Reedley Lions

A partnership with the Reedley Lions Service Club to support the completion of an outdoor pavilion at Bearskin Meadows Diabetic Camp.  This project was fully funded and underway prior to COVID.  Progress on this project was halted due to COVID in 2020.  Prices of materials (steel and lumber) increased over the year of delay. The Reedley Lions coordinated funding to support such increases to finish the 50×30 outdoor pavilion. ($8,200)