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In 1945, the California Legislature passed the Local Hospital District Law upon which most of the 79 health care districts were established in the State of California. Twenty years later, the Legislature passed the District Reorganization Act of 1965 which further framed the role of health care districts. In short, health care districts were created to develop local health care infrastructure to operate hospitals and other health related facilities and services in underserved areas. Districts were also charged to itemize locally identified needs and fund locally developed initiatives that promote community health and well-being.

Formed in 1962, the Sierra Kings Health Care District (the District) encompasses approximately 247,188 acres (386 square miles) in southeast Fresno County.  Until recently, the Sierra Kings Health Care District operated the only hospital in the area.  Like many other rural hospitals, the District faced significant fiscal challenges maintaining quality care for those in need.  In April 2011, as per a unanimous vote of the District and voter approval of Measure G, the District hospital joined the network of hospital and clinics owned and operated by Adventist Health.

Despite selling the hospital and subsequent bankruptcy, the District remains proud of its legacy:
  • Paid off 100% of debt in bankruptcy,
  • Paid off the USDA loan early,
  • Paid off the employee pension,
  • Provided a sustainable solution to maintain the hospital,
  • Salvaged hundreds of jobs, and
  • Continues to own 5 acres of real property.
In 2020 the Sierra Kings Health Care District is will build on its legacy and move forward as a local community-based grant-maker that promotes health and wellness.