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Suzanne Johnson

Being the newest board member, I am excited to roll up my sleeves and start to work on grants and partnerships to better our local health community. I am honored to have the privilege to serve in decision making for the improvement of a healthier community for all our residents.

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James Lundy

Having served on the Board of Directors for years, I actively participated in the transition of the District from hospital operation to community-based grant making. I look forward to investing taxpayer funds into quality programming that promotes health and wellness.

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Kathy Omachi

Over the last fifty years I have served as a community advocate and organizer. I have been honored to serve as the longest standing member of the Sierra Kings Health Care District board since 2007 and Board Chair since 2009.

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Bruce Hunter

As a relatively new Board member, I look forward to continuing to learn about the District’s rich history. I am equally excited about participating in the governance of the District as we forge local partnerships and program investments

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Pete Perez

I look forward to transitioning to a grant making entity and working with our new staff. We have the vision and strategic plan to make our entity a powerful community service that promotes wellness and drives our mission in partnership with local stakeholders. Obesity-Mental Health-Diabetes.

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